May 31, 2013

Fun Videos To Watch

Welcome back! It's time for a few fun, random videos, in no particular order, and for no particular reason!

Our concession stand is open! Hurry on over for delicious popcorn, soda, candy and other treats that will increase your enjoyment of the show!

On behalf of the management of this theater, we thank you for your patronage. Enjoy the show!

High-Diving Giraffes
The title says it all. Any more details and I would ruin it for you. Trust me, this is a must see video.

BMW Isetta Commercial

The BMW Isetta was one of the most famous of the micro-cars that were produced in the 1950s, a quirky, top-selling, single-cylinder car (read more about it HERE). This commercial is in German, but the Disney-esque animation is what makes this commercial fun to watch.

Big-Box Mart

A brilliant parody video from Jib Jab that lampoons our obsession with consumption and materialism. What is the result? Huge box stores that sell us stuff we don't need while costing people their jobs. 

Jim Breuer - "Alcohol"

This is an absolutely hilarious bit about how different kinds of alcohol interacts in your stomach. Breurer is a brilliant comedian.

Stanley Steemer Jingles

A woman named Mia does the Stanley Steemer jingle in a variety of genres: hard rock, country, heavy metal, punk, you name it, all with different outfits. Mia is insanely talented and this video is a blast to watch.

Two Dogs Dining In A Busy Restaurant
= Instant Hilarity. This. Is. Priceless.

Half-Time In America
Clint Eastwood's iconic Halftime In America Superbowl ad. No one tells it like it is like Clint Eastwood. An American icon, legend and role model. This ad is a classic. 

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