Mar 7, 2013

Creeping Militarization of America

There are apparently more and more Border Patrol checkpoints being established miles away from the United States border, deep in U.S. territory, staffed by Border Patrol agents who stop cars and ask drivers and passengers questions. These stops, deep inside the country, have no legal justification, and most people do not know they have no legal obligation to answer these questions. Because Border Patrol agents have badges and uniforms, people are intimidated, and comply without question, which is one of the ways our rights as American citizens are diminished. 

This is called mission creep. A government agency is created to accomplish one mission (protecting the borders from drug smugglers and illegal immigration), which inevitably begins to expand beyond it's original scope (stopping innocent people and detaining them without due process or probable cause miles from the border). Remember, the Border Patrol cannot legally arrest or detain someone without probable cause or sufficient evidence. 

This video compiles examples of people standing up for their rights when stopped by the Border Patrol, refusing to answer their questions. Questioning authority is important. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the rights you have, you have only because they were defended. If you do not stand up for those rights, you will find one day you do not have them any more.

In a related development  the ACLU is going to start examining the skyrocketing number of incidents that heavily armed SWAT teams burst into houses using flash-bang techniques, often causing injury or death, without sufficient justification or probable cause, and often the wrong house is targeted. Innocent people are being killed because of this trend. You can read about it HERE.

There's an interesting article about how police evolved from traditional law enforcement officers to more heavily armed, and armored soldiers HERE. Definitely worth a read.

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