Oct 12, 2012

501st Legion: Behind The Scene Photos

Since joining the 501st Legion, the world's most definitive costuming organization, I've taken part in, as well as organized, a lot of events, events at which photography is a very big part. Being able to share pictures of our events and get-togethers is a core part of the 501st Legion experience. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of pictures I've taken over the years, there are some that deserve a second look.

So enjoy the wacky, behind-the-scenes pictures of Legion members doing what we do best: having fun and helping people. [Note: no photographs are to be used for any commercial purposes whatsoever] 

In this series of pictures during an Autism event at the Orlando Convention Center, we clowned around with the Chester Cheetoh head in the cast changing area. 

Instant hilarity!

Oh no here comes Lord Vader!!

Below: I try on Stormtrooper armor for the very first time after marching at Star Wars Weekends in 2009. This armor belonged to Marc Brugger, who passed away unexpectedly the following year, a huge loss to the Florida Garrison. Marc was a talented R2-D2 builder, had several costumes and was a father. There was a contingent of Imperial costumes at his service as an honor guard.

After a Star Wars Weekends march, we blow off steam at The Ale House, on International Drive in Orlando. We do know how to have fun!

The 501st Legion encampment at Disney's Hollywood Studios on a humid summer morning, in preparation for another day of marching for Star Wars Weekends

At a fundraising event for a little girl with terminal brain cancer, a sheriff's deputy gets in on the fun

Posing with a couple of goth-y Sith cheerleaders at Celebration V, the huge Star Wars convention in Orlando

Below left: having some fun during a Trooping For The Troops event at the Bay Pines VA hospital. Below right: after the troop, the fun continues

Below: I wasn't at this event; my friend supplied the pictures. Walt Disney World invited members of the 501st Legion to commemorate the last ride of Star Tours, the Star Wars-themed ride, before they closed it for refurbishment. Disney upgraded the ride experience. I was lucky enough to ride it on the very first day it re-opened.

Below: a Photoshopped group picture of the 501st Legion at Star Wars Weekends 2008, my first SWW

Below left: John Stewart at Celebration V in Orlando. Below right: a photographer took this picture of me at CV, and I added Dirty Harry's creed to it

Below: Newspaper clipping from Trooping For The Troops, the event I organized at the Bay Pines VA hospital in 2010

Back stage at the Weird Al Yankovich concert, at Ruth Eckerd Hall

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