Jan 18, 2012

Why Sharing Is Good and SOPA Is Bad

Clay Shirky, an Internet culture scholar who teaches at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications program, explains clearly why sharing is good and SOPA and PIPA are bad (he's an excellent speaker). He explains how it will it affect YOU, whether you know it or not. This is a long video but well worth it. You will know what this issue is all about, and why so many people are in an uproar about SOPA and PIPA. I encourage you to watch it. Our artistic freedoms are at stake.

Dan Gilmore of The Guardian counters the argument that those pushing SOPA and PIPA don't understand how the internet works. He thinks they know exactly how it works, which is why they're trying so hard to break it.

Because they [big media content corporations] don't dare make an honest argument. If they were saying what they believe, it would go roughly this way:
"The internet threatens our longstanding control of information and communications, and that is simply unacceptable. Therefore, it is essential to curb the utility of the internet for everyone else."

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UPDATE: The Internet has won! Both SOPA and PIPA are being shelved to give everyone more time to figure out the best way to reduce piracy. 

Now, if you watched the above video, and would like to know more about SOPA and PIPA, and their practical effects on our lives, watch the below video, which offers more detailed, yet clearly explained, examples of what this legislation does. 

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