Dec 12, 2011

The Art of Mordillo

When I was backpacking through Europe in 1992, I kept finding postcards from an artist called Mordillo. Every city I visited I found more of them, and I bought every one I could find. Mordillo's work is beautifully rendered, humorous and fun to look at. Here are the postcards I found, a few of which have been damaged in the passage of time. 

Guillermo Mordillo, known simply by his last name, was the most widely published cartoonist in the 1970s, and a series of animations based on Mordillo's work was created by Slovenian artist Miki Muster from 1976 to 1981. 

LINK to the official Mordillo website

Below is some of those animations:


There's even a Mordillio video game. In this video a German player narrates the game play. This is a game I would totally play.

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