Sep 16, 2011

Links To Important Blog Posts

The Magnum Arts blog is designed to be fun and educational. Thanks for stopping by!

To make things easier to find I have assembled some of the most noteworthy blog post links below. This blog is used as a teaching supplement to the Cartooning and Drawing classes, and hopefully these posts will be interesting, inspiring and helpful.

Below is a very touching e-mail I received from a former Cartooning and Drawing student of mine. It made my week! I've been given permission to share it with you.

You might not remember me.  I only took one from you a couple of years ago in Dunedin.   Shortly thereafter, my marriage collapsed. I don't think the two were related.  :-)  One of the things I learned from the divorce is that when someone touches our life in a positive way, you need to tell them.

So  I ended up in Columbia, South Carolina after a period of turmoil.   And now that I'm settled here, I have signed up for a class in drawing at the local community college. I'm telling you all this because as a result of taking your class, I re-discovered that drawing is fun (I'm 39).  I haven't stopped since.   Part of what I learned from you is that it's ok for me tell a story with my drawing even if my drawing isn't technically perfect.  And I can look back and see that I've progressed -- a lot. 

And maybe more importantly, I'm teaching those skills to my 8 year old daughter.  Last weekend I drew out 16 basic shapes for each of us, and we sat on the couch and made each one into a face.   Then we traded and critiqued each other's work. :-)   (All positive critique, of course -- "I really like the nose on this one").  That's teaching her a number of good life skills.

So -- thank you.  The work you do makes a difference.

Wow, how cool is that..?!

Onto the links!

Dragoncon 2011 Pictures - Check out all the photos from this huge annual event!

 Dragoncon 2011 - The Artists - Links to some of the insanely talented artists I met

Dragoncon 2011 - Discussion Panels - Notes from very interesting art and writing panels

Dragoncon 2011 - The Podcast - The first Magnum Arts podcast ever, a 16 minute tour of Dragoncon, with interviews and audio taken during the event

Cartooning The Head and Figure - Printable sheets to download to help improve your skills in drawing the head and body of your characters 

Found Slides, A Life Remembered - The original slides I found in the vintage projector, along with details about the families in them, something which became a big news story and was covered by numerous TV stations

Found Slides - The Whole Story - The whole story about the found slides and the families in them, which was posted on Kodak's official corporate blog. Check it out!

The Last Text - This subject is so important I'm putting a link here. A short, jarring documentary about how texting while driving can kill you...or someone else. Definitely worth a look.

Welcome Artists - Another list of helpful blog post links to help you as an artists

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