Feb 28, 2011

Sketchbook Scans - 1998-1999

These sketches date back from 1998-1999 when I was living in New York, working at a camera store and having a great time being so close to New York City (the Metro North train station was right down the street from my apartment).

I can see the difference in my art skills today compared to these; another reason to keep your old sketchbooks, and date all of your sketches. You will be able to see the gradual increase in your skills.

 I usually sketch in pen, since I'm not at all worried about perfection; I'm just trying out ideas. Here I created a bunch of faces, not knowing what they would look like until I was done.

My favorite one is the first face in the third row. He has the most character.


Below: I used to go to Borders Books in White Plains, New York quite a bit and sketch the patrons there over a cup of coffee. People watching is a great time to stretch your sketching muscles.

 The Hudson River with Manhattan in the distance (note the Twin Towers which, sadly, are no longer there)

I sketched a couple of Pulitzer-prize winning photographs displayed at a gallery in Manhattan in 1998. These photos were taken during the Vietnam war.

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