Jul 17, 2010

Original Photography

The Secret Life Of Dolls
Dolls can be creepy, weird, and intriguing subjects. Here are some of my favorite pictures from this series.


Various Subjects

Grand Central Terminal, time exposure with colored polarizing filter

Coat and flag, taken after photographing a local fire department parade

Colorado mountaintop, Steamboat Springs, with colored polarizing filter

This image is not Photoshopped. It was a happy accident. Before leaving New York, I took a self portrait sitting on a bench in lower Manhattan (lower right picture). I rewound the slide film back into the canister so I could use the rest later. When I put the roll back in, I advanced to what I thought was well beyond the last picture, and took a self portrait of myself standing on a sandbar on Lake Champlain, Vermont. I had accidentally double exposed the film, and this miraculous shot is the result!

A bottle in my apartment on a cold winter morning

A late-afternoon ball game, Port Chester New York

An abandon truck and farm silo, North Hero, Vermont

These fireworks pictures were unplanned; I didn't even use a tripod! Still, some of them came out much better than I expected. See for yourself!


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