Mar 31, 2010

Scale Model WW II Town

When I say art is therapy, I'm not kidding. I  sincerely believe in the power of artistic expression to channel and understand powerful emotions.

Another example of this is Marwencol, a fictional scale-model Word War 2 village created by Mark Hogancamp, who was beaten into a coma by five men and emerged brain damaged. When he emerged from his coma he dealt with his difficult recovery by building Marwencol and meticulously photographing the dolls, even aging the vehicles so they would look authentic. The photography is excellent and moving, the stories touching. Mark Hogancamp is selling copies of his photos and stories in book form to finance his difficult recovery from a horrible tragedy.

Do yourself a favor and check out his excellent website, and if you like his work enough, buy one of his books. His photography has inspired me. Some of the photographs can be somewhat disturbing, just a heads up.

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