Feb 1, 2010

Bill Watterson Speaks

Bill Watterson Speaks!

If you're as much as a Calvin and Hobbes fan as I am, you are in for a rare treat: an interview with the notoriously reclusive Bill Watterson, along with an article summarizing the completely unexpected success of Calvin and Hobbes and Watterson's discomfort with his fame. The article even has a picture of Watterson, which satisfies my curiosity as to what he looks like.
Source: Drawn! Illustration and Cartoon Art

John Campenelli, of the Plains Dealer, in Cleveland, e-mailed Watterson a series of questions, and Watterson e-mailed back. It is believed to be the only interview Watterson has done since 1989. Watterson, who is often compared to JD Salinger in his desire to remain reclusive, still has legions of fans who were forced to quit Calvin and Hobbes cold turkey when he decided to end his strip. Hopefully the below links are still good when you click on them.

LINK to the Bill Watterson Interview
LINK the the article about Calvin and Hobbes' huge impact in comic strips

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