Dec 28, 2009

Christmas At Disney World

At Disney World

Deb and I spent two days during Christmas break at Disney World; Christmas Day at Animal Kingdom, and the day after at
Hollywood Studios, where there is an incredible holiday Christmas light display that covers every building in the middle of the park. I recently acquired a Nikon D90 digital camera which I'll be using to expand Magnum Arts next year, doing photography, so two days at Disney parks was a perfect place to put the D90 to the test. With my newest camera in hand, I was able to capture the holiday spirit. Enjoy!

Yeah I'm bad...I'm Disney bad!

(Click on each picture to bring up a larger view)

At the Flights Of Wonder bird show in Animal Kingdom, various birds are displayed in an amusing show. I got picked to go up on stage and attempt to photograph a great horned owl as he flies from the rear of the building to a perch on the stage. What an opportunity!

I'm told no one is able to get the picture because the owl flies so fast; I got two (count 'em, two) good pictures! Click on each one to see a large view.

What a beautiful bird. They let me take a few pictures before leaving the stage.

The Automotive Stunt Spectacular is a good show, demonstrating impressive stunts and driving skills using specially modified cars. Here the red "hero" car fires an on-board rocket that splits the black "chase" car in half.

A crew member tries to push the two halves of the car back together again

The stunt show has a fun gag that involves a Herbie the Love Bug car that's been cut in half, with each side fully drivable. I'll bet it's cramped in there. The airplane in the background is Walt Disney's first plane, now on display.

The finale involves a final jump and a huge explosion with lots of flames. Just like my commute to work every morning!

Can you guess what the pictures above are? There was some effluent, or foam, that was sitting atop of the water in the central pond of Hollywood Studios that formed very interesting patterns that caught my eye. This is art in itself, created by natural forces. Click on each one to get a larger view.

The Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular is the longest running live show at any of the Disney parks, and also one of the most popular, recreating several sequences from Raiders of The Lost Ark. Lots of explosions and flames in this show.

This is a fun, "forced perspective" picture that makes it look like Deb is feeding Gertie the Dinosaur. Forced perspective pictures are optical illusions that make two objects look closer than they really are, or different sizes than they really are.

See That Which Goes Unnoticed

Do you ever stop to notice the "little" details that surround us? There are things we pass by every day and never notice, things that can be captured by photography to focus attention on life's beauty, hidden in plain sight.

I love this picture of Gonzos all hanging by their noses, outside the Muppet 3D theater

This is the Osborne family light show, the coolest holiday light show I've ever seen. Every square inch of buildings in the middle of the park are covered in Christmas lights that blink in sequence to Christmas music that fills the street. It even put a Grinch like me in the spirit!

To see the entire photo album from the Hollywood Studios album on Webshots, click HERE!

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