Apr 28, 2009

Videos From Another Planet

Something a little different, enjoy these videos!

The Big City
This is a really smokin' (and non-profane) rap with some terrific animation. You'll be bobbing your head while you watch. One of my favorites!

This is a trailer for a movie that is so flawlessly bad you can't help but watch. It came out one year after Star Wars, and rips off everything in Star Wars, as well as other movies. The acting, the special effects, the dialog...everything about this movie is simply, utterly, awful. Enjoy!

Dancing Skeleton
Here's a talented street performer who really know s how to make this toy skeleton come alive. This is a fun little video.

The Yip Yips Meet A Telephone
You MUST watch this one! This is a classic, and utterly hilarious Sesame Street skit about two aliens who land on the wrong planet, and try to communicate with a telephone. Guaranteed laughs!

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