Mar 10, 2009

Cartooning Links To Check Out

Here are some more fun links to check out, to broaden your mind, enhance your artistic spirit, and further your development as artists. Settle back and enjoy!

The Stripgenerator site is a fun site to quickly create some comic strips, regardless of what talent (or not) you may have. Got a funny idea, but don't feel like spending hours drawing it? The Stripgenerator has a lot of pre-rendered characters, objects and shapes that you can click and drag into the boxes. You don't have to register, but if you do, you get access to a larger group of clip art to use, and your creations get entered into your own blog. You can also check out other users' strips as well! Below are two strips that I created using this site.

Scott Campbell - Inside The Shape

Scott Campbell creates engaging, whimsical paintings of things happening inside all sorts of shapes, like a cutaway illustration. The detail is impressive, and what seems like a very simple idea is done with a lot of skill and style. So the moral of the story, is think out of the box! Check out his work by visiting this link.

This site was inspired by the realization that people like to watch artists create. When someone is drawing in a coffee shop, restaurant or waiting room, people always want to know what you're drawing, and watch you create. This website has videos of artists drawing, and discussing their creations as they draw. Check it out HERE.

(If the videos below are not working, it is because of a server issue with the hosting site from which they are embedded)

The Sweater

Ahh, you're in for a treat!
This is one of my very favorite animated shorts. Based on an acclaimed Canadian children's book, The Sweater is about life in rural Quebec, Canada in the 1940s, and a little boy who has to deal with disappointment. Read by the author in a charming French Canadian accent, this is a very entertaining little film, sponsored by the Film Board of Canada. The Film Board of Canada is a government agency that fosters art and entertainment in order to preserve and protect French Canadian culture. Sit back and enjoy this animated short, and let me know what you think!

The Cat Came Back

Also from the Film Board Of Canada is this hilarious, Oscar-nominated short about a cute kitty-cat that just wouldn't leave (my girlfriend has three cats; I know how this character feels). This one is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

The Big Snit

Another from the Film Board of Canada, The Big Snit is a both funny and touching animation about a silly argument between a married couple who make up just in time.

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