Jan 11, 2009

Links To Check out

This post is a collection of random links to interesting websites and galleries, some of which are cartoon and art related, some which are not. All of them, however, are entertaining. So, check them out when you have some time to spend and enjoy!

This site has a series of photos of spectacularly detailed miniature models of war scenes, displayed at what looks to be a show, convention, or exhibit. The site is Russian, but you don't need to read in order to enjoy these miraculously rendered dioramas.

This site has an interesting gallery of different artists' interpretations of Batman. Some are dark and serious, others whimsical and playful. Part of art is to take what already exists and showcase it in a new way. What can you re-interpret, in your art? For fun, think of a character or situation, and redraw it in a completely new way. You might be surprised what you come up with.

This site has a big collection of graphics for skateboards

Menus are an art form in their own right, and this Flickr set has some excellent examples of vintage menus and illustrations from menus that are worth checking out. Menus are collectable for their artistic and creative value. LINK

This Flickr gallery has a neat collection of comic book sounds. Since we obviously can't "hear" comic books, it's up to the artists to let us know what an event sounds like, and that leads to a variety of words to get the point across.

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